Which Industries Can Benefit from A Weapon Detection System

There are many industries which deal with things that require a degree of protection, as they are either valuable or highly personal. Protecting these things effectively is in the interest of all involved parties, especially those who are on the literal or metaphorical front line. One of the best ways we can protect these people and assets is through the utilization of weapon detectors.

These systems can not only help detect weapons, but can also deter those individuals who may wish to use a weapon to threaten or harm others. It can be hard to know which exact industries this kind of protection is relevant to, so we’ve done the research for you.

Here is a look at which industries can benefit from a weapon detection system.


While the idea of someone trying to hold up a bank may seem somewhat impossible thanks to modern security technology, people still try. As long as there is scarcity in our world, we can expect people to be forced to take drastic action, such as attempting a bank robbery. Often these desperate individuals will be under the influence of hard drugs such as crack cocaine or methamphetamine, which can lead them to commit such acts of violence.

Banks will always benefit from utilizing weapon detection systems as long as there is the assumption that one can force tellers to give them money through threat or violence. By quickly and quietly alerting the authorities, these systems can help defuse this kind of situation before it turns.

Stock Brokers and Insurance Providers

Those people who may consider using a weapon to threaten or harm other individuals often don’t utilize their critical thinking skills in such situations. Which results in them believing, for whatever reason, that stock brokers or insurance providers may have bundles of money stashed away. This is understandable when one considers how much money these industries handle, but often this is all done electronically.

Regardless, stock brokers and insurance providers may benefit from implementing a weapon detection system. There is also the possibility of a disgruntled customer of either industry wishing to exact some sort of revenge on those who have wronged them.


Another place which may be the setting of someone’s revenge is the courthouse. The decisions made in courthouses affect people’s lives in ways the average person would struggle to comprehend. With fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends being sentenced to jail for however long, it’s easy to understand how emotional people can get. 

Courtroom weapon detectors have become increasingly common since the 1980s. Every courthouse across America should have a weapon detection system, due to the often tense and conflict driven proceedings that occur within them.


Prior to the 9/11 tragedy, the idea of someone having a gun on a plane was mostly limited to spy movies. Nowadays the threat of individuals who wish to bring a weapon onto a plane to threaten or harm others is very real. Airports have the added responsibility of being a major port in and out of countries or states, and can often have many thousands of people come through each day.

Efficient weapon detection systems are necessary in airports who wish to be able to process people through security quickly.   

Weapon Detectors for Malls

In the theme of highly-trafficked places, malls aren’t uncommon targets for those who wish to cause harm to a group of people. In the interest of the mall owner, the shop owners and staff, and all the people who frequent the mall, malls should utilize effective weapon detection systems. As with banks, not only will they serve to detect problems, they will also serve to deter people from attempting to bring weapons into a mall.

Malls should utilize weapon detection at all of their entrances to ensure the safety of all inside.

Weapon Detectors for Schools

School shootings have become a recurrent tragedy in America’s recent history, and have forced schools to revolutionize their security protocol. Metal detectors became commonplace in public schools in the early 2000s, and technology has come a long way since then.

Modern weapon detectors are capable of distinguishing real guns from things that look like them, which can be a problem in schools.


Prisons, like courthouses, are generally high-tension and emotionally triggering places for many people. These mixed feelings can often manifest as anger and a desire for vengeance against those who may have “wronged” the individual. This results in people attempting to bring weapons into prisons to harm prisoners, prison guards and staff, or for other nefarious reasons.

As with schools, detection systems have been implemented in prisons for a long time now. Those prisons which aren’t using more recent versions of weapon detection systems are unnecessarily risking the lives of all people in and around the complex. 

Covert Weapon Detectors with Smart CT Solutions

Regardless of the industry, you may simply believe that a weapon detection system is necessary in your office or building. Not only will you be investing in the safety of your staff and clients, but you may also be able to stop a tragic event before it begins, by having implemented high quality weapon detection systems.

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April 15, 2021

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