What is The Internet of Things?

You would be forgiven for not truly considering how interconnected many of the things we use today are. From an end-user standpoint, things such as appliances, televisions, and mobile phones just work. Have you ever thought about what truly is inside the technology? What sensors are there? Just how many devices collect information on your usage habits so that they can better refine the product? All questions aside, the Internet of Things encompasses this process and it deeply ties into technological advances and the security issues that are the converse of those advances.

What is the Internet of Things?

In short, the Internet of Things is the name given to the now billions of devices that can connect to the internet and collect and share data. Even devices that are not particularly advanced such as a digital toaster with wifi capabilities all of a sudden has the ability to transmit data. If for some reason, the toaster manufacturer wanted to know your bread eating habits and how you like your bread or bagel toasted, they could potentially collect that data.

When we discuss connectivity, smartphones come to mind, televisions come to mind, tablets and other popular devices are things we consider when we think about technological advances in connectivity in the past two decades. However, there are many smaller “conveniences” that we have enjoyed such as smart lightbulbs that can be considered as part of the Internet of Things.

Truthfully, the true value of the term Internet of Things lies in these small, innocuous devices. When we look at a person, do we see a human being or do we see a collection of trillions of cells and biological components that make up a person? Of course, we see the person!

What we are witnessing with the IoT is a new body being born. All of these small devices with limited functionality on their own do not amount to munch, but their sum total is what is dubbed the IoT.

All Businesses are Data-Driven

That’s really the lead up for this IoT stuff. Smart CT Solutions specializes in technology consulting and the implementation and execution of various technologies for businesses. Facial and object recognition, gunshot and covert weapons detection, and the implementation of the IoT for businesses.

Interconnectivity is a crucial aspect for businesses to not just survive but to thrive in the modern world. There is a myriad of data being generated that businesses can parse through. Likewise, there is a tremendous amount of different content management systems, services that can aggregate and display data for business purposes. How do you reasonably integrate those into your business and workflow?

For example, most businesses need savvy lighting solutions that can save them money as well as be efficient with respect to the green movement. They should be sustainable but effective. Many companies also require surveillance cameras, network cabling services, mobile infrastructure solutions.

These are the exact types of problems we see every day when business executives for companies both large and small consult with us to figure out. They need someone who can coordinate the execution and implementation of all these different services that revolve around smart technology. The biggest issue with smart technology is finding an appropriate and convenient way to have all of these devices that make up the IoT interface in a structured manner.

Technology Consulting For Internet of Things

Smart CT Solutions is a consulting company that delivers solutions that can work well with each of our client’s unique business strategies and needs. Through our decades of combined technology experience, we’ve witnessed many different strategies for success in the ever-evolving world of technology. This experience allows us to correctly identify what will help our clients best for their unique business needs.

When it comes to executing technology solutions in a company, it isn’t just about advising on what the best technology is or what it’s useful for. It’s also about the proper installation and integration of those solutions into the business. With a solid foundation, it should be much easier to train staff on the function and maintenance of these solutions as well.

Contact us today to get started so that your business plans can be turned into a reality!

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