Weapons Detection Solutions 2021

It has been just shy of an entire year since the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting the United States. Since then, sweeping changes have been made in the public consciousness, the economy, how business is conducted, how people work and commute, and many more. With an effective vaccine in hand, we are heading back into some semblance of normalcy in which the virus does not dictate the events of the day. Thus the importance of Weapons Detection technology in public are more important then ever. Already, musicians, comedians, athletes, event organizers and performers of all kinds are scheduling their events for mid to late 2021. While the viability of remote work was accelerated due to the pandemic, many people are or have returned to work in office depending on their industry and location. Due to this, security considerations for public events are already underway. While social distancing concerns will still be a priority until sufficient vaccination is achieved, Smart CT Solutions can’t highlight the importance of weapons detection in 2021 enough.

What are Weapons Detection Solutions?

Smart CT Solutions offers covert weapons detection solutions appropriate for a wide range of scenarios and facilities looking to improve their security measures for their personnel and visitors.

A good question to ask is, what exactly are weapons detection solutions? Weapons detection falls under the greater umbrella of security solutions aimed at preventing hostile actions on your property or given area.

With the help of radar technology, covert weapons detection solutions seek to assess a visitor’s threat potential by identifying whether they are carrying a weapon on them or not. These easily concealed systems will access a large database of weapon profiles that are constantly being updated to identify weapons.

This is indispensable for schools, stadiums, workplaces, public facilities, you name it. Any place that has many people come in and out and is available to the public can benefit from weapons detection solutions.

Our gunshot detection solutions work well in conjunction with weapons detection. Gunshot detection solutions improve emergency response times, helping officers and authorities arrive at a potential crime scene with greater intel on the situation.

The Importance of Weapons Detection 2021 Post COVID

While we sell systems to secure the public from domestic terrorism or otherwise hostile intent, it is never our goal to fear monger.

However, the reality is that while the situation has improved greatly since the onset of the pandemic, there are many thing occurring in our nation that are driving public unrest. Political polarization and instability, civil unrest, heightened unemployment rates, and many other factors can create the feeling of general instability. The recent capitol riots are no small indication that these things are not mere speculation, but fact.

This time, more than ever in recent memory there is just cause to invest in keeping your visitors and staff safe in your facility or workplace.

Contact Smart CT Solutions today to learn more about our weapons detection systems, gunshot detectors, thermal camera solutions, and more!

January 14, 2021

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