Deep Learning Technology and Our Weapons Detection

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Both our weapons detection as well as our facial and object detection are capable of learning and adapting as time goes on to improve detection abilities. How does this work? Deep learning technology puts the “smart” in Smart CT Solutions!

What is Deep Learning Technology?

Human beings distinguished themselves from primates by our increased intelligence that led to more creative uses for tools, opposable thumbs to use those tools, and many other factors such as that. However, the ability that we uniquely possess as compared to any other animal on the planet is the ability to learn from our mistakes.

We can conceptualize the past and also envision the future. This means that we remember things that happen to us and are reminded of them as similar situations arise. The biological neural networks that allow us to perform these feats are the exact inspiration behind artificial neural networks.

Artificial neural networks are computing systems that resemble our natural, biological neural systems that are present in the brain.

How Does Deep Learning Make Weapons Detection Better?

Consider that you have a computer in which its sole purpose is to identify a specific object, thing, or creature. Let’s suppose it’s a bird for the sake of this example. The computer would have access to a huge informational library of images that are tagged as “bird” or “not bird”. By processing increasingly larger amounts of images that are tagged as such, the system becomes much more adept at identifying birds because of the large gap between distinguishing characteristics it has developed.

When you extrapolate this out over thousands of images provided by a quality database, it can become very good at identifying the object of choice. Of course, this is an overly simplistic example for the sake of demonstrating the principle, in reality deep learning systems are incredibly complex algorithms that can take years to perfect and get right. Thankfully, if you’re seeking out a weapons detection security solution, Smart CT Solutions can provide that with our covert weapon detection solutions.

How Can Covert Weapons Detection Help Us Today?

It is an unfortunate reality, but it would seem like every day when you tune into the news there is a story about yet another shooting or active shooter situation that has occurred. This senseless violence is a terrible trend that is divorced from ordinary gun violence statistics or typical metrics. Seemingly, public shootings are cropping up without rhyme or reason in regard to the place of occurrence. These shootings are noticeably divorced from any group, socioeconomic class, or location.

Naturally, the random nature of these crimes has incited a general paranoia about public gatherings and congregations. We strongly believe that this is unacceptable. Law-abiding citizens should not have to be fearful every time they step out of their homes and go somewhere common such as a supermarket or the mall. Students should not have to be worried about their safety while at school. In general, it is imperative that people feel like they can live their lives and enjoy their free time without worrying about mass shootings or gun-related violence occurring at places such as concerts, shopping centers, public events, etc.

Deep learning is one solution that can fuel the technology that we need to make sure appropriate security measures are taken.

Our weapons detection systems for public facilities are designed to be unobtrusive and have a minimal presence. Facial/object recognition technology coupled with the former are a powerful deterrent as well as informational tool that can quickly identify perpetrators of crimes or prevent them from happening entirely. Having adequate covert weapons detection can assist in preventing many of the tragedies we see today.

Covert Weapons Detection Consulting

Ultimately, machine learning/deep learning is the crucial element of artificial intelligence systems that are integrated into weapons detection solutions. Smart CT Solutions can provide you access to covert detections systems for weapons and objects that are deemed threatening. Deep learning provides the necessary distinction between ordinary objects that people carry such as cell phones versus dangerous weapons.

Having a system that can learn and course-correct over time is imperative for use in public scenarios to ensure that there is minimal if any false flagging in threat detection.

Contact Smart CT Solutions today if you are seeking an intelligent security system aimed at preventing perpetrators from bringing in weapons into public venues such as malls, schools, banks, airports, etc.

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