Covert Weapon Detection Systems

For anyone living in the United States, you are most likely familiar with the public safety crisis that is on the hearts and minds of many Americans today. It seems that every other day on the news, there is some story about a public shooting—at an event, at school, in the mall, or any place where people congregate predictably. The discussion of security has once again been at the forefront of US politics much like it was following 9/11. Due to this, Smart CT’s weapon detection systems and technology has seen a huge surge in demand.

The Frequency of Public Shootings

The topic of whether or not mass shootings are occurring more frequently nowadays is a very popular one. People who say they are not considerably more common when looking at statistical trends are treated as if they are downplaying the issue or sweeping it under the rug. Conversely, those who fervently believe there are more mass shootings and will only continue to increase also appear to be sensationalizing the highly covered trend. It all depends on the criteria of what constitutes a mass shooting and what separates it from ordinary gun violence.

Indeed, trend is the appropriate word. Mass shootings are certainly a trend that are highlighted in the United States with studies showing that mass killers receive approximately $75 million in media coverage. This may seem irrelevant, but it’s actually at the heart of the problem. Mass shootings are a trend despite the fact that gun related homicides are not at the highest they’ve ever been.

The problem is that because it is a trend that is being repeated and so thoroughly covered by the media it sets the stage for more of the same incident to occur—copycat crimes if you will. This would cause anyone to have both paranoia and fear gnawing at the back of their mind as they attend public events or have to sit in a classroom in school. Both groups are not wrong, it’s important to carefully evaluate the problem without succumbing to denial or sensationalism. One thing is clear, though, we must do what we can to ensure the safety of the general public.

Weapon Detection Systems

At Smart CT Solutions, we have developed technology just for this purpose. We leave the politics of the matter to other parties. As a technology consulting company that has access to advanced weapons detection systems for commercial use, our primary concern is that people feel safe and secure when they choose to attend large events or go to places where many people congregate.

Our weapons detection solutions are easily concealed so that they can be integrated into any environment without inviting exploitation or for perpetrators to attempt to take actions to subvert and anticipate sensory devices.

A big feature of these weapon detection solutions is that they are capable of learning and adaptation. This means that the systems will over time learn to become better at detection through AI learning. Many people are concerned about the privacy issues surrounding AI systems being able to generate images of what they see. Our systems do not generate images of the target, so there are few if any privacy concerns.

Because a wide variety of weapons are in use and being developed for use, it means that detecting all of these would require a robust database of weapon profiles to be able to identify different weapons and any minor but important differences. Fortunately, our systems receive network-wide updates regularly to ensure you get the most accurate profiling possible.

Covert Weapons Detection Systems For Public Facilities

Our weapon detection systems are perfect fits for schools because they are covert, easy to install and learn over time to discern threats relative to the context. It is imperative that the general public feel safe when they are out and about living their lives and attending to business. Even more important is that our children feel safe while attending classes and enjoying their school time. We feel that this is a necessary tool for schools especially to adopt where the presence of armed security can be unnerving for students and create a fearful atmosphere. Passive threat detection is one way to increase security measures without compromising the freedoms of young people.

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