The 3 States Most in Need of Weapons Detection

There may be a number of reasons for why schools have seen an uptick in violent incidents. While some people are focused on trying to figure out the ‘cause’ behind all of this, others are looking at ways we can prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place. One such way is through the implementation of weapon detection systems which use state-of-the-art technology to identify weapons.

As a principal, or even the head of security in a school, you should feel like all of your students are safe to come to school each day to learn. Although in some places, this simply isn’t true, and regardless of the reasoning why, preventive measures are necessary to ensure the safety of both students and staff. As a provider of weapon detection systems, we thought it might be useful to talk about which states the schools might benefit from such systems, based on the prevalence of past incidents.

Here’s a look at which states have a high track record for weapons in school, and how a weapon detection system can improve security and safety.


The Golden State has a dark secret, the highest number of school shootings out of all States, with a total of 164 school shootings. While it is unlikely that you or your child will be involved in one of these tragedies, precautions should still be taken.

Not only should Californian schools have weapon detection systems in place, they may also do well to increase funding to mental health services, as well as education around guns.


With 135 school shootings, Texan parents have just as much cause for concern as Californians to send their kids to school.

Texan schools, as with Californian schools, would do well to go beyond the implementation of weapon detection systems. Education around mental health and gun safety are still valuable assets in the fight against this mindless violence.


Florida has approximately 90 school shootings on record.

While Florida has a lower count of school shootings compared with the top two, it is still the third, and therefore every high school should implement both weapon detection systems as well as the aforementioned education.

The Following States

Numbers start to flatten after Florida, with the following:

  • Michigan have had 70
  • Illinois have had 65
  • Ohio have had 55
  • Pennsylvania have had 54
  • New York have had 49
  • Maryland have had 47
  • Georgia have had 46

Schools in all of these states will benefit from implementing weapon detection systems, along with education in both areas already mentioned. As previously stated there are a number of reasons why these occur so much in our Nation, and not in others. People have indicated a number of potential reasons, including the prevalence of guns, and the poor culture around mental illness.

Regardless of the cause behind these events, preventing them from happening should always be the priority. This means utilizing all of the technology available to try and identify a weapon before the individual even has the chance to use it. Even those states with incredibly low numbers, like Idaho which only has 2 incidents, should consider implementing these systems as the investment will always outvalue the potential loss of life.

Weapon Detection Systems

These can come in a number of different forms, but more commonly involve surveillance system outfitted with machine learning technology to recognize potential weapons. There are other aspects to weapon detection which may be relevant in those schools where it’s more common, such as:

  • Having metal detectors at the entrance of a school which can either deter or identify guns before they’re used
  • Having experienced security personnel stationed in different parts of the school to deter or deal with these situations when they do happen
  • Education around what to do when a shooting occurs, as well as education around mental health and gun safety

Providing Weapon Detection Systems

As a provider of weapon detection systems and relevant products, we know that the best way to deal with such tragedies is through prevention. This means coming up with systems and implementing technology which can help you do so, thankfully, this is our specialty. To learn more about how we can help your school to become a safer place, check out our website or contact us today.

January 20, 2022

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