Smart CT assists you in protecting against threats through surveillance cameras that are an indispensable aid to identifying and resolving issues. A properly installed system of surveillance is an important tool for ensuring safety inside and outside of a location. In addition, it provides the capability to record, display, monitor, organize, and archive the data as well as provide remote access via mobile devices.

Our experts at Smart CT analyze the location’s unique requirements to design the optimal security plan for current and future needs. Whether it’s a new implementation, upgrade or redesign, our goal is to help determine an organization’s most vulnerable areas to ensure maximum protection.

The state-of-the-art commercial and residential CCTV security solutions include:

  • Camera
  • Video Recording
  • Accessories
  • Streaming

  • Camera Types: Dome CCTV Camera, Bullet CCTV
  • Camera, C-Mount CCTV Camera, Day/Night CCTV
  • Camera, High Definition Cameras, Thermal Imaging
  • Cameras, License Plate Capture Cameras, and others.

  • Video Recording (DVR): Network, Digital and Hybrid video recording

  • Video Multiplexer

  • Streaming capability to view in a computer, tablet or smartphone