Smart Weapon Detection: How the IOT Contributes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you will know what the internet is and does. It has allowed a level of connection amongst people globally on a scale that would’ve been deemed largely impossible until the late 20th century. Nowadays we’re already taking the internet for granted, and so new developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) go relatively unnoticed.

Smart weapon detection systems are revolutionizing security in a range of industries, but nowhere are they more important than our schools. The proliferation of school shootings in recent years can be associated with a lot of things, but the reality is we have to implement systems which can circumvent such events from happening. Our best bet in identifying threats before they occur is in the combination of the IoT and modern weapon detection systems.

Understanding how the IoT works in these modern weapon detection systems can help guide the decision as to whether to upgrade to a system which implements it.

The Lowdown on IoT

To visualize the internet, people often use analogies of spiderwebs (hence the World Wide Web) and nets, as they emphasize the connection between points. The same can be said for the IoT, except, instead of people being the points connected, we have objects which can record and transmit data.


Venerated like a precious stone, and with analogies that emphasize this point (data mining), data has become a valuable commodity in this modern era. Not just for businesses either, governments are able to utilize their citizens’ data in a number of ways, including how they implement public health responses to pandemics. Data can be just as important for schools, as it can give information about students’ learning habits or which cafeteria meal they enjoyed most.

The Internet of Things connects various devices, typically analogue data sources, with a central data acquisition system. This data can then be analyzed, reviewed, or immediately utilized to circumvent unwanted events.

Deep Learning

This level of interconnectivity is great, but still requires a lot of analyzing and sorting to ensure only relevant data is utilized. Not too long ago, this would’ve required either security guards watching cameras and IT professionals scanning and consolidating data. That’s where deep learning systems come into play, which are able to work similarly to a human brain, processing and learning from input information over time. This is ideal in IoT environments as data sources are able to provide a range of information which can help build a bigger picture of the real world situations.

Deep learning cloud systems are typically at the heart of a functioning IoT, and can offer a more hands-free approach to a range of situations.

Smart Weapon Detection Systems

Put simply, these systems utilize cameras to scan an environment and people passing through it to identify any potential weapons. These cameras send that information to a computer which rapidly analyzes each frame to determine whether anything that resembles a weapon is visible. When a weapon is picked up by the systems, the appropriate individuals can be immediately notified or lockdown protocol immediately implemented, doubtlessly saving lives.

So how does IoT enhance weapon detection systems in schools?

Less Intimidating Manpower

A common practice in schools where weapon violence is prevalent is to hire scary security guards to man every entrance and exit. This can have a profound impact on those students considering bringing weapons to schools, but can also impact every other student and how they perceive their presence in the educational institute.

By implementing a weapons detection system with the IoT in your school, you can utilize a range of different technologies to provide a less visually intimidating deterrent against weapons. Hidden cameras, motion detectors, and automatic doors can offer a more humane way of identifying and subduing threats before they hurt others or themselves.

A Smart School

When implementing an IoT system for weapons detection, you will simultaneously have the opportunity to decide what other technologies you might want to install. By installing such features as smart lighting or smart heating, you can turn your educational facility into a smart school which can run itself more efficiently.

There are a range of different smart technologies which can amplify your students’ experience, and even serve to save you money on electricity bills.

To learn more about smart weapon detection systems, the IoT, or making your school smart, be sure to check out our website or contact us today to speak with one of our professionals.

December 27, 2021

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