Weapons Detection Solutions: Returning to “Normal” With Cautious Optimism

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Everyone has heard enough about the pandemic over the past year to be sick of it. With vaccination numbers rising and plenty of vaccines available in the United States, a sense that we can return to daily activities and enjoy the companies of others worry free as we did just over a year ago. The vaccines are providing a sense of security for many individuals which allows them to go about their daily activities without fear of contracting a devastating case of the virus. As a company that helps administer security solutions, we of course, place great value on security measures for the general public. One of the concerning aspects of returning to “normal” is that we may also be returning to the types of violence that declined after the initial shock of the pandemic’s onset. This prompts the discussion to center around public security and measures such as concealed weapon detection.

Gun Violence Statistics are Complicated

We administer security solutions; we try to stay away from politics because safety is apolitical in our eyes. Unfortunately, gun violence, gun control, and the like are all highly politicized topics. The statistics are always confusing or even at times contradictory.

For example, consider this article from NBC that states gun violence and mass shootings were up during the pandemic and that May 2020 had the highest number of mass shootings since they started tracking them in 2013. Washington Post also echoed similar sentiments about 2020 being a particularly deadly year for gun violence.

On the contrary, AP News reported fewer mass shootings as a silver lining of what was an otherwise bleak year due to COVID-19.

It is our opinion that much of this reporting is in good faith, the reason why it is hard to pin gun violence statistics down is because the definitions of gun violence and what criteria are included are often used in one statistic but not another. How do we define mass shootings, public shootings, and gun violence?

For example, the NBC article heightened gun violence in 2020, and while that is true, much of that gun violence also includes self-inflicted gun violence—suicide. What is true, however, is that safety of the public is incredibly important, especially during this delicate time of reopening the country.

Returning to “Normal” with Concealed Weapon Detection Solutions in Mind

Examining gun violence statistics in the prior section was not just for the sake of discussion. It is to illustrate that we are not making a case that gun violence is up or down during the past year, rather that there are different types of gun violence that exist concurrently.

One type of violence that was down during the past year was school shootings, primarily due to the fact that for much of the US, school was not in session for the entire duration of the pandemic. Another type is public shootings that occur during events such as concerts, for much the same reason these were also down.

The concern among top security experts is that states reopening will see a new wave of gun violence in the form of public shootings. We do not say this to make people fearful. As a security oriented company ourselves, we believe it is incredibly important for all public institutions and locations to think carefully about their security measures.

These fears are not unfounded given the recent resurgence of violence, such as the shooting in the Boulder, Colorado grocery store which left 10 casualties—including a police officer in March. This occurred shortly after the news broke of the slew of fatalities that arose out of 3 shootings at spas in Atlanta by the same perpetrator.

Concealed Weapon Detection with Smart CT

It is up to each institution or group to decide what measures they would like to take to defend their staff or visitors. Smart CT Solutions recommends our concealed weapon detection tech and gunshot detectors for places such as schools, sporting arenas, event venues, and many more. We cannot control what happens in the world, but we can control our preparations for emergencies.

Concealed weapon detection solutions such as ours can help identify a target carrying a lethal weapon and alert authorities in the event of emergencies far quicker than human operators can—especially in the moment that such an emergency is taking place.

Gunshot detectors can speed up response times for emergency personnel such as the police and medical responders, which unfortunately tend to lag behind due to the nature of these incidents.

Contact Smart CT Solutions today about our weapons detection solutions and how we can help you make your workplace, business, or public institution safer and more secure.

June 29, 2021

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