Smart CT Threat Management Platform

Throughout our time as as consulting company that specializes in smart security technology solutions, we have assisted our clients with the sourcing and implementation of complex technology solutions such as smart lighting, internet of things connectivity, and threat monitoring systems.

We’re happy to introduce the combination of these solutions in our Threat Management Platform.

What is Included in the Threat Management Platform?

The threat management platform is a comprehensive security solution that has a host of features aimed at keeping your facility, your workers, and the general public safe! Every business or public institution has a responsibility to take measures in keeping their workers or visitors safe from external threats. While we would never want to imagine that our workplace or school could be the target of criminal activity, it is recommended to have a robust suite of security measures in place.

Live Monitoring Surveillance Cameras

Our surveillance systems provide the peace of mind you need to keep your facility or organization running effectively. Many criminals choose to hit targets with weak systems in place,

keeping a strong security presence on site with surveillance equipment such as our many varieties of CCTV cameras can help deter criminal activity from ever taking place. Our cameras offer numerous functions such as high definition footage, CCTV cameras in dome or bullet forms

Footage can be streamed to a terminal, computer, tablet, or even smartphone with our smart security platform.

Weapons Detection Solutions

gunshot detector & camera - part of Smart Security & Threat Management Platform

Part of any effective emergency response system is a capable weapons detection solution. As public gun violence statistics continue to rise through these senseless acts of terror we call mass shootings, security systems need to allay fears and protect the public from this particular form of crime.

Smart CT’s Weapons Detection solutions were designed to help protect against those problems. Our post about deep learning details how our weapons detection solutions use machine learning to continually improve at their detection capabilities in your facility. Internet of things access allows the detection systems to access various databases to keep up to date on current weapon information.

Our weapons detection systems are paired with our gunshot detection systems to create a robust firearms detection package that are sure to enhance any facilities security measures.

Multi-Party Real Time Alert System

Our Threat Management Platform would be nothing without speedy responses to developing situations. Intruders that are detected through camera surveillance and facial recognition can be used to quickly assess threats and through cloud based software, alerts can be sent to the appropriate authorities.

Thermal Camera Fever Detection for COVID-19

Using our thermal camera solutions, we can help stop the spread of coronavirus through Smart CT’s fever detection system. Our thermal cameras can be used to detect a person with a fever, send a fever alert within 3 seconds, and any staff that are designated will receive it.

The thermal camera features a host of different features such as an automated screen, subject verification, streamlined user interface, ambient temperature compensation, and full integration with security and video management systems.

Social distancing continues to be an important measure to reducing the number of coronavirus cases but preventing those who are displaying the most prominent symptom of illness—a fever, from entering facilities and spreading the virus is also critical. As of now, much of the nation has reopened and restarted the economy, but with caution. Our thermal camera solutions not only keep workers safe and prevent the spread of the virus, but they are a critical part for businesses to inspire confidence in consumers to feel safe visiting their business.

Threat Management Solutions for Businesses

Smart CT Solutions is dedicated to providing an array of smart security technologies that will bring businesses forward into the future of lighting, interconnectivity between numerous devices (internet of things), surveillance systems, weapons detection, and facial recognition technology.

The combination of many of these technologies provides a formidable package in our Threat Management Platform. Contact Smart CT Solutions today to secure your business and your future!

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