Our Fever Detection System Can Help Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 Transmission

Even if you have been living under a rock for the past three months, you will have no doubt heard of the disease that has been plaguing various parts of the world and has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). COVID-19, or coronavirus is a respiratory illness that has a high rate of transmissibility. Apart from the biological reasons the virus spreads, one of the major factors is also that many people do not show severe symptoms until they have already been infected for several days.

This means many people unwittingly spread the virus before they know they themselves are infected. As you may have heard, flattening the curve of infection is the most important facet of dealing with this pandemic. While we cannot know the moment, someone is infected (apart from quarantining those who have come into contact with infected), a fever is one of the first signs something is amiss.

While a fever can be many different illnesses, it’s clear this is the symptom that must be tested for wherever possible. To that end, Smart CT Solutions is proud to announce our efforts to help battle the coronavirus pandemic through our Fever Detection System (see more here).

How Does it Work?

Simple and effective. That’s what we drive to provide with our solutions. The temperature screening system will:

  1. Detect a person with a fever
  2. Send a fever alert within 3 seconds
  3. Designated staff will receive it

As we discussed with the method of transmission for coronavirus, it is highly important to minimize contact that someone with a fever who is potentially infected will have with the general public.

The highly accurate infrared-thermal camera will scan multiple parts of the targets face to determine the highest temperature. By placing a camera system in strategic locations, you can effectively create a field in which potentially infected individuals (some of which are not aware that they have a fever) can be stopped.

Automatic screening is a key feature of our temperature screening system. The system is set to ping an alarm at anyone who is at or exceeds at temperature of 104.4 (the standard temperature that designates the beginnings of a fever). These alerts can be sent to a web browser or to a mobile app.

Automation is crucial to the success of this system, if the camera simply read temperatures then detection and containment of potentially infected individuals would inevitably fail due to human error. All it would simply take is for a person watching the cameras to look away for a moment and miss someone.

Why is This System Needed?

Coronavirus has affected the economy in a variety of different ways. Many people have been laid off, some people have been furloughed, others are working double or triple time because their industry is considered essential or they provide some good which is needed in these dire times.

Scarcely a month ago on March 11th 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci—director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases had stated that the worst was yet to come because containment measures and contact tracing have failed to prevent the community spread of the virus.

Fast forward a few short weeks, and his words ring true. If it were as simple as telling everyone to stay home for a month or two, we would have done it. Many services must continue to be provided, and workers must be kept safe.

As a result, Smart CT Solutions believes our rapid screening protocols are best suited for early detection of a potential coronavirus infected person.

Temperature Screening System for Sale

As they say, the show must go on. In these difficult times, working in an essential industry is both a blessing and a curse. Many workers are grateful to be needed and secure in their work, but they also fear for themselves and for their families who are at risk should they contract the coronavirus. Employers are also at odds with keeping their businesses afloat as well as protecting their hardworking staff from risk.

Smart CT Solutions fever detection solution is a temperature screening system that can be a simple and effective tool to screen out potential risks to keep your workers and your workplace safe. While a fever itself is not indicative of coronavirus, it is indicative of some kind of illness. Slowing the transmission of any and all infectious illnesses at the moment is paramount to flattening the curve of COVID-19 as minor things such as a cold can still render someone to be immunocompromised and susceptible to coronavirus.

Contact Smart CT Solutions today and inquire about our Fever Detection Systems. The first shipment has already been sold out as the demand for screening tools if incredibly high. Lead time on product acquisition will vary depending on when you order.

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