Robust, resilient, and scalable Next-Gen Wi-Fi Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructures have become a necessary commodity for businesses of all sizes. To reduce costs related to WLAN, we offer improved capacity and coverage using a cloud-based infrastructure. Our solutions present a cost-efficient framework that maintains the highest levels of performance,  capability, and security for your Wi-Fi needs.

At Smart CT, we offer industry-leading performance, and reliability, even in the most demanding locations. In addition to its exceptional performance, providing free Next-Gen Wi-Fi access to customers provides a marketing opportunity by branding your landing page, providing analytics, and reports. Most importantly, encourages users to engage with your brand.

Wi-Fi Network

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, the global number of Wi-Fi hotspots will grow to 432.5 million by 2020, a sevenfold increase from 2015.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Network

Our outdoor Wi-Fi network and products and services offer reliable performance, and supreme reception at an affordable cost, without sacrificing performance. Our solutions can extend connectivity over sizable acreage by penetrating hindering signal barriers, and stimulating connectivity growth.

The products are designed to penetrate brick, cement, wood, and steel constructions that are known signal barriers; thus, ensuring maximum connectivity without interruption.


Indoor Wi-Fi Network

Smart CT takes out the complexity involved in deploying and managing your Wi-Fi network. Our user-friendly system provides the capability to manage administrative tasks  seamlessly, such as, creating new users, network, etc. without requiring a large technical staff.

We provide remote setup for additional access points or new sites within minutes with our full-featured mobile apps. Our products will give you fast and reliable performance, plus superior capacity and bandwidth.