The Importance Of Weapon Detection Systems In Schools

The exposure to violence in schools is so sporadic, and this instills a lot of fear in students, parents, faculty, and the staff. Although a small minority of schools will ever deal with severe violence on their campuses, leveraging the technology of comprehensive weapon detection systems can pay dividends for augmenting the security capabilities of your school. Students should feel safe when attending school. For many, this is the highlight of their youth and the persistent fear of violence should have no place in their development, social interactions, and how they prosper overall. 

Violence in schools is not just limited to shootings-this is the worst-case scenario. Verbal and physical bullying can often go unreported, which causes many of these bullying victims to physically retaliate, in hopes of curbing the unwanted behavior. Only 1 out of 4 students will report the bullying to their superiors. 

Why Weapon Detection Systems Can Be Useful In Schools

Certain schools are reaping the benefits of these modern systems. Entry control equipment, video surveillance systems, and metal detectors are a few examples of assets that are readily available to improve school security. Metal detectors are a viable option and some school districts in Texas have seen a reduction in violence after these tools were implemented. Advanced security systems like metal detectors will allow the schools to monitor their campus from a centralized location and access alerts for when security has been compromised. 

The point being, preventative measures will go a long way for mitigating severe and less severe forms of violence. Don’t wait until the violence occurs to take action. Take the necessary steps now to ensure that your school has a solid system in place, should a crisis occur.

The following are more examples of incentives that come when using state of the art, weapon detections systems and the trends that will come from the implementation of these resources:

  • Advanced Video Analytics: Video surveillance systems will serve these academic institutions if they are paired with a robust analytics system. Not only are these useful for security apps, but it will also maximize operational efficiency.
  • Correlation Of Data: Knowledge is power and the data that is compiled from video surveillance will allow law enforcement to utilize the essential information in a quick and efficient manner. Additionally, the internal IT and security departments within the schools will continue to develop more proactive measures that will benefit the organization as a whole. 
  • Actionable Intelligence: Once all of the information has been gathered, it will allow officials to make informed decisions with the data that’s been collected. When the video data is used in conjunction with the analytics, it makes for an easier time in monitoring the flow of traffic and people’s pattern of behaviors. Data analytics will assess the raw data from a plethora of sources, allowing the users to draw conclusions from the information that’s been presented. 
  • In-Depth Investigations: Storing data and transferring it across platforms with ease, will allow organizations to properly research and determine the best course of action for addressing incidents. If you’re able to quickly gather the data, it will increase the likelihood of solving the case. Schools can adopt measures from these findings and devise their own protocols for security measures.
  • Open-Door Policies: Technology systems that simplify the process of integration will allow schools to utilize data points from a variety of systems and devices. With this approach, stakeholders can merge all of the information onto a single interface, which gives users the opportunity to view the situations at all times. 

Weapon Detection Systems: The Facts and Looking Ahead

School-related crimes can be curtailed or heavily controlled with the help of these technology solutions and trends. The traditional lock and key methods are antiquated and will not guarantee the same level of protection as these newer methods of security. According to findings from the Safe Supportive Learning Engagement, increased levels of crime will cause a drop off in school test scores, graduation rates, and attendance records. 

As previously mentioned, young children and teenagers should view school as a safe space, not a detriment or hindrance to their development. While installing weapon detection systems in your school is optional, our team at Smart CT solutions strongly recommends using these solutions so that your organization is protected and ready for all kinds of situations. If you would like more information on the products and services that we offer, you can contact us to learn more about these processes.

September 15, 2021

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