Why Gunshot Detection is a Necessary Component of Your Security

Gunshot detection is highly useful in emergency response situations.

If you have ever been a part of your local communities’ social media pages or have used social media features that are part of mainstream camera solutions, you’ll notice that one question seems to be posted more than all of the others…

“Anyone hear a loud popping sound nearby?”
“Heard loud sounds, gunshots?”

Many times, in our neighborhood or community, there will be times when people are questioning if they heard gunshots or not. Extrapolate this out to a whole city, and you’ll find this scenario incredibly common. The issue? Many people ignore these or simply know that there’s nothing they could do about it even if what they heard was in fact a gunshot.

As such, many of these incidents are not reported for fear of wasting the authorities’ time or being mistaken.

Why Gunshot Detection Technology Is Necessary

Consider how many incidents that are left unresolved because they were reported too late or simply went unreported because the sound heard could have easily been a car’s muffler acting up or something else.

A strong deterrent against a criminal discharging a weapon is being able to reliably detect gunshots apart from the sounds of everyday life. If a weapon is discharged anyways, response time is of the utmost importance for reducing risk and any potential casualties.

Imagine this situation:

There are students and a teacher in a classroom going about their normal school day. A muffled popping sound is heard but is not able to be discerned. The difference between it being nothing and an active shooter is worlds apart in severity.

The past decade has seen a tragic number of school shootings as well as public shootings at sporting events and concerts. A significant factor of many of these events is a deadly delayed response after the initial rounds are fired because there is a confusion, denial, and disbelief about whether such a sound could be a gunshot.

Even a delay of a minute or two can cost lives. Therefore gunshot detection is a crucial part of any security protocol.

Shot Detection Response Time

Smart CT’s gunshot detection solutions go hand in hand with our concealed weapons detection technology.

Our system provides:

  • Approximation of gunshot location
  • Movement of the potential shooter
  • Time of occurrence log
  • Quick gunshot detection response time
  • And estimation of total number of shots fired
  • Potential estimation of direction of the gunfire and type of weapon if information is sufficient

That last point is especially important. Knowing not just that gunshots were fired are important, but also any information on the direction of the gunfire and the type of weapon could save lives as well as help keep responders as safe as possible.

Gunshot detection systems enhance emergency response times and help eliminate confusion—especially in educational facilities and commercial facilities such as shopping malls and other establishments.

According to the National Sheriffs’ Association, the average school shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, and the time it takes on average for the police to respond is about 18 minutes. 5.5 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but in an active shooter situation it is an eternity.

Gunshot detection solutions can help mitigate some of that time by providing a significantly quicker initial report to the authorities, shaving precious minutes and seconds typically spent in confusion during the onset of these public shooting incidents.

Gunshot Detection Solutions

Smart CT Solutions is here to consult with you and assist you in providing world class security coverage to your establishment.

We have assisted many companies and public offices in implementing our weapons detection and gunshot detection systems in their buildings and campuses to help foster trust and keep people safe.

For more information on our security solutions, contact us today so that we can answer any questions you may have.

November 10, 2020

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