Facial and Object Recognition

We seem to be heading into a future where facial recognition technologies are going to be part of everyday life.

We implement Artificial Intelligence components such as object, facial recognition and emotional analysis for perpetrator identification and emotion recognition. Our products allow you to perform real-time recognition not only on people, but on objects such as vehicles and license plates.
Our facial and object recognition technologies detect and recognize faces either from images or surveillance videos, performs facial and demographic analysis while integrating with your security system.

Face Recognition Applications


Can be applied for fraud detection, reduce security personnel, object and face recognition which may also be used to authenticate individuals . Facial recognition can also detect an individual’s gender, age and ethnicity. Many retails stores are toying with the idea to use facial recognition to detect shop lifters as well.


We provide services that cover all stages of your business target through the use of emotional recognition. We help customers make data-driven decisions, and increase customer engagement with purpose-built analytics.
Our tailored services allow you to effectively manage, and understand prospects behavior to ensure product or service success. Analyzing engagement data will help you use social media marketing more efficiently, and maximize your returns.

Android using tool to analyze data - Facial Recognition concept image

According to TechGuru, “The FBI and Homeland Security have been able to use
artificial intelligence for a long time to identify threats. They’ve been known to snoop on crowds at sporting events and other places, so be good out there.