How Detecting Weapons Should Go Beyond Detection Systems in Schools

Despite the fact that both schools and weapons have been around for centuries, it’s only been in recent years that we’ve regularly heard about weapons in schools. These tragic events have instilled fear into the hearts of students, parents, and teachers alike, but the necessity of education remains. One such solution in recent years has been the implementation of weapon detection systems, which rely on cameras and sophisticated machine learning to identify weapons.

Since the early 2000s, schools and colleges across America have implemented various measures to try and reduce the risk of a school shooting. This has come about in the forms of security guards, metal detectors, and education about what to do during a shooter event. Nowadays we have advanced weapon detection systems in place, but still rely upon security personnel and education on the matter. As a supplier of weapon detection systems, we know that these systems can help you save lives, but we’re also aware that it takes more than these systems to prevent these crimes from occurring.

Here’s a look at how schools can go beyond implementing security protocol in preventing these tragic events.

Do What You Can, And Know It’s Enough

Everything we suggest below is exactly that, suggestions, we don’t have the key to preventing these tragic events but we do have the drive to try and prevent them however we can. If you choose to implement some or all of these tips, and one of these events still occurs, you cannot blame yourself as there are many other variables at play. It is important to take responsibility for those things within our control, but we cannot grow if we blame ourselves for those things we don’t prevent that go beyond our control.

For Students

As an educational facility designed to teach the future members and leaders of our society, it’s important to realize that all of this is for them. Therefore, we must provide them with everything that they need to become healthy individuals, which requires certain things from the school, such as:

– A clean and healthy environment full of role models who want the best for them

– The ability to talk to each other about anything, as well as being open to staff

– Respectable and trustworthy staff who are capable of listening to students

– Basic education around mental hygiene and how one can improve their own, as well as access to relevant resources such as a school counselor

– Education around the effects of weapons and violence on the victims and families of these events, as well as emergency protocol if something does happen

There are countless different ways you can go about achieving these things, and they should be considered perfect aspirations that your school is always moving towards. When any of these are not present in a school, students may find themselves struggling with mental health issues such as suicidal thoughts which can then lead to dramatic action.

For Teachers and Staff

As the educators of students, teachers (and all other staff including custodial) should know that they are role models both in school and out. Therefore any and all behavior that teachers want to see in their students should be exemplified by all of the staff at all times. All staff in a school environment should be:

– Honest and respectful to students while maintaining their position as teacher

– Ready to listen to the woes and concerns of all students when and where appropriate

– Able to remain cool, calm, and collected especially during conflict with students in front of others, as you’re always setting the bar for what is acceptable for them to do

– Ready to or actively working on their own mental health, and acknowledging the stress that the role of an educator has. Also doing things to alleviate or reduce this stress in their own time so as to not bring it to school

This might seem like a lot to ask, especially for some teachers, although these should also be considered perfect aspirations to be worked towards at all times. With these ideals your staff should be ready to identify a cry for help before it becomes a disaster.

For Everyone

Finally, we should talk about the implementation of security personnel and weapon detection systems. These are some of the best tools we have in the first moments of an active shooter event, and even in the best school they will still have use and value. Not only can they help to reduce the impact an active shooter has, they can also work to deter them in the first place.

Looking Beyond Weapon Detection Systems

The most modern weapon detection systems are subtle but complex, and are able to identify weapons and notify security detail almost instantly. If you’d like to learn more about them, or how you can use machine learning for other uses in your school, check out our website or call us today.

February 17, 2022

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