COVID-19 and Crime Rates: Concealed Weapons Detection Technology

Concealed weapons detection technology, it’s something you wish wasn’t necessary, but unfortunately it is.

Smart CT Solutions has been partnering with premiere security companies to bring security solutions to businesses and public facilities that require safety measures to help keep their employees and the greater public safe. In a society, the safety of the population is of critical importance, not just for the economy but also the peace of mind that people deserve when going about their duties.

How Has COVID Affected Crime Rates?

By now, everyone is aware of the situation regarding the pandemic. Unemployment during quarantine in the US led to widespread layoffs and businesses closing consistently since the onset of the virus in March. We are still feeling the initial hit to what was a booming economy prior to the virus and the strain on businesses has not been unfelt.

Government spending is strained through the offering of relief both statewide, local, and buyouts for businesses large and small. While COVID’s effect on the economy is complex, ultimately the point we wish to highlight is that resources for public services are faltering.

Crime as a result of all of these factors is on the rise, especially in places such as New York City, which was hit hard by the pandemic during the initial wave and saw a 130.3% increase in shooting incidents. According to an NYPD report, violent crimes and gun violence has seen marked increases due to the factors surrounding the virus as well as the budget cuts for police departments.

Concealed Weapons Detection Technology

Concealed weapons detection solutions are a critical component to keeping your business or public space safe.

  • Schools
  • Public facilities
  • Government offices and buildings
  • Gathering halls
  • Sporting arenas

These are just a few of the main areas in which concealed weapons detection technology is a necessity. As a vaccine is proliferated and people become increasingly comfortable with returning to a normal way of life, there will be an additional pressure for businesses and authorities to keep the public as safe as possible from violent threats through the use of gunshot detection and facial recognition technology.

People will also be much more proactive and wary about containing sickness of any kind, even regular flu’s which are common during the winter months. Our thermal camera solutions are great for temperature detection to contain the spread of illness.

Our concealed weapons detection technology:

  • Is non-invasive and allows for covert installation
  • Regularly has updated weapon profiles through our network
  • Requires no human operation
  • Uses deep learning to continuously evolve
  • Does not require time consuming scans
  • Target images are not generated, so privacy concerns are not an issue

A robust, comprehensive concealed weapons detection solution is what we set out to provide, and we believe we are offering one of the best.

Concealed Weapons Detection Solutions

Smart CT Solutions provides a suite of security solutions aimed at keeping your business, facility, employees, and visitors safe from gun violence and other terror related acts.

Contact Smart CT Solutions today to get started with implementation of our security solutions into your preferred location. We will work with you to make sure integration with existing technologies and methods are as smooth as possible.

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December 17, 2020

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