4 Common Questions About Weapons Detection

Has there been a greater need for covert weapons detection than now? It is not as if society has become lawless or completely unsafe, however that doesn’t mean security isn’t important. The need or necessity for covert weapons detection makes some individuals uncomfortable. They think it is a step closer to a police state, or that the inclusion of such technology would render a place feeling more like a prison rather than say—a school or place of business. Unfortunately the last few years have seen a surge in school shootings. With a surge of necessity for weapon detection installations, so too are there many questions about weapons detection.

As a company that helps administer covert weapons detection and security technologies for a wide range of organizations, here are a few things we believe are obstacles to be overcome or misconceptions debunked about weapons detection technology.

Do We Need Weapon Detectors in Buildings?

Let’s address this question first. The answer is…no.

A better question to ask is can everyone benefit from including weapon detectors in key areas? Yes. If only we lived in a world where individuals did not commit the most terrible crimes or choose to end their lives in a way that also costs the lives of innocent people.

Sadly, we do not. Crime analysis is a complicated game of statistics, and we lose sight of what is important when we’re just looking at numbers on a sheet. For example, even if overall gun violence is down, there is still a terrible trend of public shootings, school shootings, and the like. It’s not our place to decide what the solution is to that societal problem, but what is clear that in the meantime, we must do what we can to protect innocent people.

Security solutions such as our covert weapon detections are a key aspect of that.

Do Weapon Detectors Violate Your Privacy?

Again, the answer is that it depends. There are many different types of systems that do different things. Our weapons detection systems are designed not to generate the image of a potential target—so privacy is not a concern.

In contrast, some systems will absolutely generate and store images of targets—which is the origin of privacy concerns that some people have. After all, nobody wants to feel like they’re being recorded and photographed everywhere they go.

Will Detection Slow Down Traffic?

Another chief concern, especially with places that have high foot traffic such as schools or sports arenas, or venues that host shows and musical acts is that the detection process will slow things down even further.

Suffice it to say, this may have been a concern in older iterations of weapons detection technology. Nowadays, solutions such as the one Smart CT offers do not require time consuming scans. They work on the fly to detect threats while business resumes as usual. In terms of questions about weapons detection, consider this common one dealt with by technological improvements!

Appearance of Security/Space Concerns

Schools are particularly sensitive about this. It hearkens back to what we mentioned at the beginning of this article, that many places—schools especially, do not want to make their visitors uncomfortable or feel like they just walked into a penitentiary. The last several year has unfortunately seen a huge surge in weapons being discharge on school premises in an all too familiar active shooter crisis.

Paradoxically, the appearance of weapon detectors is enough to make people feel the opposite of what is intended, they feel unsafe and now they’re thinking about what negative events could possible occur. This is why we stress the covert nature of our weapons detection.

  1. Because keeping them inconspicuous and unobtrusive to daily life makes visitors feel relaxed and comfortable—after all, the best security system is the one you don’t have to worry about.
  2. Keeping detection covert also is a part of the security measures. Like with security cameras, knowledge of where all of them helps intruders bypass them.

Our covert weapon detection systems live up their name. Having inconspicuously installed many throughout Florida, Smart CT is proud to have helped many organizations in their security efforts.

Questions About Weapons Detection: We Have Answers

For more information, contact Smart CT Solutions today if you have any questions about weapons detection for your organization or building so that we can understand your needs and chart a safe course of action.

March 18, 2021

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